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Rally spirit

Posted in Rally By Maria

iStock_000000456016_SmallRally spirit

Rally has grown immensely over the last few years and you can see it everywhere. Every time a new big international rally race is about to go down, the newspapers are all over it and the local inhabitants are already renting their houses out to the hordes of foreign tourists coming to see their favourite drivers fight over a medal. The “rally spirit” is really spreading fast, you could almost call it a “rally virus”. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is the adrenaline. When you see the professional drivers going into 90 degrees turns doing over a hundred kilometers per hour, you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Secondly, it’s the ultimate test of personal vehicles. Not ones you buy in the shop, obviously, but close to them. When the Volkswagen Polo started winning the WRC with Sébastien Ogier behind the wheel, sales went up by millions. There is a lot of talk about rally fever these days, and you can clearly see why. Rally is a rough, fast, intriguing and unpredictable sport, which surely will continue evolving in the nearest centuries.

Driving through the mud

People love watching rally on the telly, since modern TV production crews can show you a bunch of different angles while the race is actually on. Direct, live streams of greasy, super fast rally cars making their way through different inhospitable environments. You can only wonder how they have time to clean all the dirt off their cars. At home you have companies like qleano.se that do the work for you, but African mud, after staying in soaring heat for several days? Oh, the washing crew must not look forward to the yearly Paris-Dakar race. Rally spirit turned wrong, we guess.

Since rally is not a 45-minute affair, you should always get ready in advance before settling down into the couch and turning on the TV. Proper rally races like the WRC will last for several hours at a time, so make sure you stack up on drinks and snacks. If you are a group of people who love watching rally together, please pick the living room with the biggest TV. The bigger the screen, the greater the immersion in the rally spirit.

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