Rally of Turkey

Rally Of Turkey 2018 is in Istanbul…

Are you ready to enjoy a unique WRC event, that takes place on two different continents?

Welcome to Istanbul, the city that brings together the East and the West, where the history meet natural beauty, the technology meets tradition, the past meets the future and the culture meets harmony. Having being selected as the 2018 European Capital of Culture, the Organising Committee decided to move The Rally Of Turkey 2018 from Antalya to Istanbul to in order to contribute to the value of both WRC and Istanbul.

In its 6th edition of the  Rally of Turkey, we also have a new date of April, whereas we had organised it on February, June and October when held in Antalya. The 2018 Rally Of Turkey 2018 will be a unique event in the World Rally Championship calendar, where our guests will be able to enjoy the two continents at the same time.

The event will get underway on Thursday, April 15th in historical Sultanahmet Square, rigt in the middle, between the famous Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophia. Before the ceremonial start, all the competitors, media members and VIP guests will enjoy a unique ferry trip on the Bosphorus, with all the rally cars are on board.

Special stages of three days will be based on the Asian side of Istanbul. Generally, the roads are fast, wide, smooth surfaced gravel and flowing as praised by ERC and IRC drivers in the past three years. The Organising Committee is also planning to arrange a Super Special Stage on Friday night.

Whether, you’re a driver, a media member, an official, a guest or just a passionate spectator, the Rally Of Turkey 2018 2018 will be unforgettable. So join us for the brand new WRC event and let Istanbul to welcome you.

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