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How to Become a Rally Driver

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Few things are more exciting than sliding sideways between obstacles at 100kph. All the road-noise, adrenaline and breath-taking sceneries make rally driving a beautiful and rewarding experience.

If you want to be like Carlos Sainz, the most decorated rally driver of all time, here’s everything you need to know.

Join a Rally Club

Joining a club is probably the best thing you could do as an aspiring rally driver. You get to see the entire rally industry and choose a suitable position for you; driver, co-driver or engineer. All these career paths lead people to the action, and you get to see how the job looks from the ground up. It is also a good idea to get a mentor while there.

Consider Having Rally Training

If driving is your passion, then a rally driving school is the next step in your career. Book an introductory training day at the rally school of your choice then decide if it’s worth pursuing. Just keep in mind that rally car cockpits can be intimidating, so it might take some time before becoming used to all the controls.

You could also decide to train as a co-driver or return to college for an engineering degree. Whatever you choose, be sure it is the right thing as they all require a considerable investment of time and money.

Find a Suitable Car

With a rally license at hand, it’s time to find a car. The idea is to go for cheaper to maintain the vehicle as you won’t have substantial fund reserves when starting out. It does not have to be the most powerful car in the stable, just something reliable, safe and relatively easy to repair.

Remember you might have to DIY the maintenance for some time. So, choosing a car you’re familiar with can translate to huge savings down the line.

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