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The Greatest Rally Cars of All Times

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The history of rally racing dates way back to the 20th century when the first rally event was held. Rally cars are known to be powerful and consequently race at high speeds depending on the nature of the roads. Many car models have contested in rallies. Out of the numerous race cars, there are notable rally cars renowned for their outstanding performances. The greatest of all time include the following.

1. Lancia 037

The Lancia 037 is one of the greatest cars to ever participate in a rally. The Lancia 037 was a rear-wheel-drive car. Other specs to note from the rally car are a 2.0L engine that had a supercharger which provided a horsepower of 300. This excellent rally car won one World Rally Championship and the ERC on three occasions.

2. Ford Focus WRC

The Ford Focus WRC is one of two cars that have managed to endure the ups and downs of the WRC. The latest model of the vehicle produces up to 500 Nm of torque and 300 brake horsepower. Jari-Matti Latvala and Miko Hirvonen are the sensational drivers in charge of this fantastic rally car.

3. Alpine Renault A110 1600

The Alpine Renault is among the great cars that have featured in rally competitions. This notable car has some amazing features and an attractive body design. It has a top speed of 210 km/h and a 1.6L engine which is made from an aluminium block. These top-notch features enabled the car to clinch the top spot in 1971. After several modifications of the model, the vehicle became unreliable for such races. Ove Anderson was the most popular driver of this car.

4. Volvo PV444/544

Some of the features that gave this car an excellent reputation include a 1.8L engine, a three or four-speed transmission and outstanding suspension. Gunnar Anderson managed to win the European Rally Championship three times driving this great rally car.

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